Clear Compostable PLA Cup 350ml

Clear Compostable PLA Cup 350ml

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This 350ml Clear Compostable PLA Cups are suitable for cold drinks, desserts and foods. The Cups and their Lids look similar to petroleum based plastic, but they are made from renewable corn starch and have a much lower carbon footprint.

This is a great size for a medium fresh juice, drink or smoothie. They can also be used for cold desserts and foods.

What to expect from these Cold Cups:

 •    Made from low-carbon corn starch-based bioplastic
 •    Plant-based and renewable
 •    Compostable in an industrial compost facility
 •    PLA is heat sensitive above 40°C – suitable for cold drinks only

Pair with the Compostable PLA Flat or Dome Lids and Paper Straws.

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