Cocktail Bread Rolls - 40g x 150 in a box

Cocktail Bread Rolls - 40g x 150 in a box

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  • From freezer, thaw and place in oven
  • 40g x 150 in a box
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Frozen dough products are supplied portioned and shaped only. Add your own touch with creative use of herbs, spices, garlic, seasoning or seeds before baking. 

After defrosting, dip rolls in flour or seed of your choice before proving and baking according to instructions on box.

For best results, follow basic baking instructions on product labels. Always thaw frozen dough until soft before proving.

Product labels contain basic baking instructions. Please follow
these guidelines for best results.

• Keep frozen at -18°C at all times.

• Thaw until soft before proving.

• Never put frozen dough into prover without defrosting.

• When frozen dough is placed in fridge overnight, always use
plastic cover to avoid skinning.

• Make sure the prover is set on 38°C - 40°C with 80% humidity.
Steam should not be visible.

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