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Bake from frozen

Available in the following:


Available in the following sizes:

Cocktail – 55gr (7cm)

Family – 230mm

Qty: 60's


 BEEF MINCE | traditional flavours of the Cape

 CHICKEN | ground chicken fillets in an array of flavourful spices

 BEEF STEAK | cubes of steak smothered in a rich BBQ gravy

 FAMILY CHICKEN | cubed chicken fillets in a flavourful gravy

 FAMILY BEEF STEAK | cubes of steak smothered in a rich satisfying gravy

 FAMILY STEAK & KIDNEY | a rich broth of cubed steak & kidney


CHICKEN & MUSHROOM | Delicious saucy chicken&  mushroom pie

 BEEF STEAK | Rich and satisfying steak pie

 PEPPERED STEAK | Beef steak pies with hints of black pepper

 STEAK AND KIDNEY | Wholesome broth of steak and kidney 

 MUTTON CURRY| Flavourful mutton curry

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